What are Wavelength's Alumni Data Sources?

Posted by Chris Gibson on Dec 14, 2018 11:15:24 AM
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Gathering alumni data in the right way is crucial to a successful alumni program. 

You probably already know that a successful alumni data strategy is transformative. If you don't take a look at Alumni Data and Engagement: Nearly Everything you Need to Know.

But a successful alumni data strategy is not just what you can collect. It's where and how you collect it.

It goes without saying that Users care about their privacy. 

Wavelength knows this. User privacy is core to its data enrichment and maintenance processes. 

Wavelength's data partners operate legally and ethically and respect end users privacy settings.

How do Wavelength's Data Partners gather alumni data?

Let's get into specifics. The data gatherers Wavelength works with operate like Google. Google crawls sites based on the website settings and an individual's privacy settings with that website.

Individuals do not approve their data policies directly with companies like Google or Pipl. They approve their data privacy policies with the organization that hosts their data (e.g. Facebook, Linkedin, Angellist etc).

If their privacy settings or the website's (e.g. Facebook) change, Google and our data gatherers re-index.

In other words, Wavelength's provider's data solutions return links to social web pages that are already publicly available and discoverable by any public search engines, like Google or Bing.

If a user changes their permissions at the service, to make their information hidden to public searches, our provider's engine will not find or index those links.

Google and Wavelength's provider determine what they can/cannot crawl based on the robots.txt file that the website provides and the data that the website has decided to expose.

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