Why do users update their info? And why is it so important?

Posted by Chris Gibson on Dec 20, 2018 3:33:15 PM
Chris Gibson
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Alumni directories suck. We know this. You log in and you see outdated information. You don’t know when that person has last updated their information, or whether they will even respond to your emails. You look at your own information, and it lists your old job in that old city. You don’t even spend the time to update it, because who uses this platform anyway

Yet so many organizations use their directory as a crucial source of updates for their alumni data strategy.

User updates are the most valuable commodity on the internet.

User updates mean that someone finds value in the platform and is willing to spend energy to improve it. You also know that this information is as up to date as it possibly can be. There are no concerns that a third party data source has corrupted this data. User updates are accurate.

Smart alumni programs know that user updates are important, and they push their users to update their info. The problem is that most users don’t see enough value in it. Why would I update my information if I think it is just a ploy to get me to donate more money? Why should I update my info if all it means is that I will get spammed more?

Alumni programs that do the best combine their greatest asset, their network, with their greatest need, good data.

They know that their users find value in staying in touch with friends and potential job connections. Alumni don’t want to be left off that class New Orleans trip because their information is wrong. They’d much rather keep their information up to date.

Alumni also want to be a resource. It feels good when you know that your life experience can be helpful. This could be a student who wants an informational interview or another alum looking for connections within your industry.

As long as alums aren’t spammed, they will appreciate members of their community soliciting them for help. The key to getting good user updates is to marry an alums desires to stay in touch with their friends with a tool that lets them update their information.

Over 50% of people that sign onto Wavelength update their information. We hear it is for two reasons:

  1. They see so many people on the platform already. It isn’t an empty house that no one uses. Your email isn’t going into some ether. People actually use the platform.
  2. They want to be a resource and keep you up to date. Wavelength is built on transparency and control. Users log into Wavelength, see the data that an organization has and want to update it because they want to help out others. It’s not about keeping admins in the know, it's about keeping their colleagues and friends up-to-date.

When users update their information they are broadcasting that your alumni data strategy is working and that they value it.


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